Michelle Attacks Trump & Says Barack Put Americans 1st — Instantly Regrets It

Michelle Obama continued on her big book tour over the weekend in Washington, D.C., and once again the former first lady trashed President Donald Trump. Michelle claimed her husband Barack Obama was by far a much better president than Trump. In fact, Michelle went so far as to claim that Barack always put Americans first and that the current president puts his own ego first. Well, Michelle was made to instantly regret that comparison. Don’t miss this. […]


Hillary’s Back In Hot Seat As Federal Judge Orders Her To ‘Come Clean’ On Emails

Hillary Clinton thought she had gotten off scot-free from the email scandal. Now, a federal judge is putting her back in the hot seat. In fact, now that Jeff Sessions is gone from the DOJ, it’s looking really bad for the Clintons. Not only will Hillary be in jeopardy, but so will former FBI Director James Comey and his cabal of deep state thugs who claimed the failed presidential candidate had committed no crimes. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle Caught In Sick ‘Money-Making’ Scheme On Tour, Fans Give Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama launched her book tour at the United Center in Chicago. The former first lady was met on stage by her good buddy Oprah Winfrey, who proceeded to whip up the 14,000 plus packed crowd. They sat down to have a discussion about Michelle’s new memoir, and that’s when things went all wrong. Michelle’s die-hard fans caught her in a sick money-making scheme, and they gave her a nasty surprise. […]


Michelle Tells Oprah She Sobbed For 30 Mins After Trump Inaugurated

Michelle Obama officially launched her book tour in her home city of Chicago, where over 14,000 people paid the expensive fee for seats to hear the former first lady talk to Oprah Winfrey. Michelle turned her book tour into a money-making scheme, cashing in on not only the book sales but also on these appearances. She told the crowd that she sobbed for 30 minutes after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, but Michelle received a reaction that made her regret saying it. […]


Trump Was Right Again! — Two Bad Hombres Found in Migrant Caravan

President Donald Trump warned Americans that the caravans heading for our border were hiding dangerous criminals. Immediately, pro-caravan liberals scoffed at the notion. However, as the caravans continue to move toward our border, we are discovering some alarming things. Authorities in Mexico apprehended and deported two of these migrants. You won’t believe what they were guilty of doing. […]


VIDEO: TV Stars Beg Kids to Vote While Blaming Trump for What Obama Did

Once again, we are seeing entitled, high-paid celebrities lecturing Americans. With the midterms coming up, talk show hosts and TV actors are demanding that people go out and vote, for Democrats. They condemn conservatives and President Donald Trump, accusing him of one vile act. But they conveniently leave out the fact that the real crime was committed by Barack Obama. […]