Ellen’s Producer Afraid Of Melania Not Caravan, Made To Regret Mocking FLOTUS

Ellen Degeneres’ executive producer and good friend Andy Lassner is obsessed with trashing First Lady Melania Trump, and he does it every chance he gets. He attacked the first lady on Monday, saying he is more afraid of “another Melania” entering the United States than he is of the migrant caravan headed to the U.S.-Mexico border. Well, it’s blowing back on Ellen, and now, FLOTUS has stepped in, making Lassner regret ever saying what he said. […]


Antifa Thug Viciously Attacked 9/11 Widow FOUND, Patriots Make Him Regret It

Last week an Antifa thug viciously attacked a 9/11 widow in Portland, Oregon. Americans were incensed as the video went viral. This punk berated the woman who was minding her own business. He screamed, “Your f*cking husband should rot in the grave!” Well, patriots across the country gave the thug a real shock when they found him and then made him regret he ever attacked the widow. Don’t miss this. […]