Barack & Michelle Trash Trump In 1st Netflix Movie, POTUS Is Ready To Hit Back

Barack and Michelle Obama were so excited to announce their big deal with Netflix a few months ago. Now, they are announcing their first Netflix project, and of course, it’s about President Donald Trump. Actually, it’s a hit piece on the president, meant to whip up leftists and confuse Americans who are on the fence about Trump and his administration. Luckily, President Trump is ready to slam the Obamas with bad news they never saw coming. […]


Streisand ‘Thinking About’ Moving To Canada If Trump & His Supporters Do 1 Thing

Barbra Streisand is having an epic meltdown. It seems the Oscar and Grammy winner who held many fundraisers for Hillary Clinton is seriously thinking about leaving her plush California home, in favor of Canada. So what is causing such a drastic move? Well, Barbra claims if President Donald Trump and his supporters do one thing, she will have to leave. You’ll love what it is. […]