Michelle Attacks Trump & Says Barack Put Americans 1st — Instantly Regrets It

Michelle Obama continued on her big book tour over the weekend in Washington, D.C., and once again the former first lady trashed President Donald Trump. Michelle claimed her husband Barack Obama was by far a much better president than Trump. In fact, Michelle went so far as to claim that Barack always put Americans first and that the current president puts his own ego first. Well, Michelle was made to instantly regret that comparison. Don’t miss this. […]


After ‘The Connors’ Is Beaten In Ratings By Literally Everything, ABC Admits Defeat

ABC has been forced to admit defeat after “The Connors” was beaten in ratings by literally every other show on television. What was once one of the top sitcoms around has become little more than an expensive disaster week after week for the network which decided to can Roseanne Barr because she sent one ill-mannered tweet. Fresh out of options, ABC is now seeing the light. […]