Secret Service Arrives After Tom Arnold Threatens Trump With ‘Severed Head’

Tom Arnold is in deep trouble. The 59-year-old actor threatened President Donald Trump with bodily harm. Arnold is a rabid Trump-hater, but this time he went too far referring to the president’s severed head, but that’s not all. The freaked-out comedian was caught on video as the Secret Service showed up at his door, and they proceeded to tell Arnold why celebrities are now in their crosshairs. You’ll love this. […]


Latino Immigrant Viciously Attacks Tucker’s Teen Daughter, Instantly Regrets It

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, has been violently targeted by leftists in recent weeks. Carlson was dining at a Virginia Country Club when Juan Manuel Granados noticed his teenage daughter coming out of the bathroom, and he viciously attacked her in such a disgusting way. Well, that’s when Tucker and his son made Granados, who identifies as a “gay Latino immigrant,” really regret it. Don’t miss this. […]