De Niro Attacks ‘Jerkoff’ Trump: ‘Down With This Mother-F*cker’ — Instantly Regrets It

Robert De Niro is once again attacking President Donald Trump, this time at the expense of comedian Billy Crystal. De Niro was attending a black-tie event and was tasked with presenting Crystal with the Friars Club’s entertainment icon award. But immediately he launched into a profanity-laced tirade directed at Trump, screaming, “I just get so upset with that jerkoff in the White House! Down with this mother-f*cker!” Well, poor Bobby instantly regretted ever opening his mouth. […]


LEAKED: Mueller Secret Findings On Trump, Ready To Indict Man For ‘Supporting POTUS’

Robert Mueller’s investigation is the great hope for the Democrats. They are convinced that Mueller will find evidence President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Now, as the Democrats take control of the House, findings of the investigation have reportedly been obtained by One America News and Jerome Corsi, who Mueller will indict for the crime of “supporting President Trump.” This will blow your mind. […]


Michelle Claims Trump Endangered Her Family & Stalked Hillary, Instantly Regrets It

Michelle Obama is blasting President Donald Trump. The former first lady is trying to sell the extremely high priced tickets to her book tour by appealing to the rabid leftists. She’s ripping into President Trump and claiming that he endangered her family and that he stalked Hillary Clinton. Well, President Trump made sure Michelle instantly regretted it. […]


Bombshell! Here’s the Reason Why Some Millennials Won’t Be Voting This Midterm

Despite a huge campaign from liberals to get young people to vote this November, some millennials have decided not to cast their ballots. An incredible effort on social media, TV, and other outlets tried to get young adults to be a deciding factor in the future of our country. Here are the groundbreaking reasons young people ages 18-29 will not be partaking in this “historic” election. […]


Streisand ‘Thinking About’ Moving To Canada If Trump & His Supporters Do 1 Thing

Barbra Streisand is having an epic meltdown. It seems the Oscar and Grammy winner who held many fundraisers for Hillary Clinton is seriously thinking about leaving her plush California home, in favor of Canada. So what is causing such a drastic move? Well, Barbra claims if President Donald Trump and his supporters do one thing, she will have to leave. You’ll love what it is. […]


During Senate Recess, Judiciary Committee Infuriates Dems With Unprecedented Move

Just after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Democrats agreed to confirm 15 federal judicial nominees in exchange for Mitch McConnell putting the Senate in recess so that vulnerable Senate Democrats could return home to campaign. But now, the Senate Judiciary Committee has made an unprecedented move during that recess, infuriating the Democrats who agreed to it in the first place. […]